How To Pay Your Bill

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To Log Into Billing System and Pay Your Bill

1.) Click HERE  OR go to the following URL in your browser:

2.) Enter your email address & password in the boxes.

3.) Then click Login

4.) You will see this screen

5.) To pay invoices click “Due Invoices”

7.) Select the invoice that is unpaid (Click View Invoice). If you have more than one you will have to do this for each invoice.

8.) You will see the invoice as below:

9.) Click “Pay Now” In the top right of the screen.

10.) If this fails click “Pay Now” again. This will take you to Worldpay where you are able to add new card details.

11.) Select the type of card you have either Mastercard or Visa etc.

12.) Ignore the Futurepay Administration section you don’t need a username and password.

Go straight to filling in the card details and the cardholder details. Please ensure your address, phone number and email address match those on file with your bank account.

13.) Click Make Payment.

14.) You should then get a transaction successful screen. Some banks may ask you for a password for security at this point. Please enter that and you will then be directed to “transaction complete” screen.

If you have any problems figuring this process out we can offer a free virtual demonstration.



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