How To Use Webmail

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To use webmail you will need your email address and password.

In the top bar of your web browser (eg. Internet Explorer / Firefox / Chrome )

Type the following address replacing “yourdomain” with your actual domain either or

Press “Enter” or your return key

Log into the control panel with your email address and password:

You will then see the following screen:

Both Horde, Roundcube & Squirrelmail are all ways to see your emails and are all easy to use.

You may want to try Roundcube as it’s the most popular. However please try all mail clients to see which one works best for you.

If you want to always use Roudcube to view your emails click “enable autoload” under the roundcube icon and it will always bypass this stage going straight into roundcube

Select Roundcube:

You will be then logged into the Roundcube mail client.

It works the same as any other mail client and is self explanatory. However if you need further information or to learn advanced features please visit:

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